We Make Whiskey That is Wildly Crafted

So much of a single malt depends on grain.The first markers of quality show at grain selection, and again during brewing.

We say brewing because to make whiskey, you first have to make beer, sort of. Unlike the beer you drink, it doesn’t have hops or any adjuncts that would be used to complete the flavor or texture in the final product. It’s still possible to tell if the whiskeys’ taste is on track for success.

Next, is the distilling process. Some flavors are concentrated, and others mellow, producing a young whiskey that is spicy and ‘hot’ or higher alcohol concentration than desired. Tasting at this stage offers an even clearer view of the final product.

Barrel maturation weaves in the oak and sherry flavors, resulting in cask strength goodness. Finishing achieves the desired flavor profile and classic 88 Proof for bottling.