The 123rd Christmas Bird Count in Canada

2023-12-05T22:24:35+00:00December 5, 2023|

The 123rd Christmas Bird Count (CBC) was another successful year in Canada, and it is all thanks to thousands of birders and nature lovers choosing to spend a day outside, or from home, counting our...

On Our Flight Path

2023-12-04T22:25:21+00:00December 4, 2023|

In early November, I was fortunate to spend time with leaders from community and campus chapters and partners at Audubon’s 2023 Leadership Conference. Surrounded by our flock under the impressive...

An Unwavering Focus

2023-12-04T22:19:09+00:00December 4, 2023|

Birds are experts at going about their business, often regardless of what’s happening around them. Just ask the ornithologist in this issue whose job it was to remove the decoy egg that a Laysan...

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